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moisture determination, moisture balances, moisture analyzer, Ohaus balances, Ohaus moisture analyzer, moisture analysis
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Ohaus MB45 Moisture Analyzer
ohaus mb45 moisture analyzer The full featured, compact moisture analyzer for every budget!  Perfect for environmental, quality control, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, and more, this fast, rugged analyzer gives you the flexibility you need and the accuracy you require for moisture determinations.  The MB45 combines state-of-the-art heating with highly accurate weighing technology to deliver a faster, more precise method of moisture analysis.
Infrared halogen technology begins drying your sample in seconds.  The unique gold reflective housing serves to create a more uniform distribution of heat, improving analyzer accuracy.  The user friendly software design of the MB45 simplifies operation as it walks you through the convenient test set-up parameters.  The unique display allows you real time access to drying curve and results, at the touch of a button.  Display shows % moisture, % solids, weight, time, temperature, drying curve and more. moisture analyzer determines percent solids
MB45 moisture determination balance Communication friendly with standard RS232 port for connection to computer or optional printer.

Fast halogen element provides uniform infrared heating up to 200C (MB-45 only)

Superior analytical performance:  Two models to choose from with readability of either 1.0 mg, 0.01% moisture and 45 gram capacity (MB-45), or 0.5 mg, 0.05% moisture and 35 gram capacity (MB-35).

Powerful software for ease of operation, program storage and user customization.  Program and recall up to 50 drying procedures.  Whether your determining moisture % for primary or secondary sludge in a wastewater environment, or testing lab to determine dry content % for the food industry for dry milk or grain, it's simply to select and run the test once you program and store the test set-up parameters in the test library. (MB-45 only)

GLP compliant format when printed results are required

Precise Heating - software allows you to control temperature in 1°C increments, up to 200°C (MB-45 only)

Rapid Results - infrared halogen heating performs up to 40% faster than traditional infrared methods.

Your Price
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Capacity (g)
Readability (g)
(Std dev) (g)
0.18% (3g sample)
0.05% (10g sample)
0.05% (3g sample)
0.015% (10g sample)
Moisture Range
0.05% to 100%
0.01% to 100%
(0.01% to 1000% for regain mode)
Temp. Setting
50°C to 160°C
50°C to 200°C
Temp Increment Setting
5°C intervals
1°C intervals
Bidirectional RS-232
1-120 min.
Heater Type
Temp range
50 to 104C in 5C increments
50 to 200C in 1C increments
120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Tare range
To capacity by subtraction
Operating temperature range
50 to 104F / 10 to 40C
Display type
128 x 64 pixel graphical backlit LCD display
% moisture, time, temperature, weight
% moisture, % solids, time, temperature, weight, test ID, drying curve
Pan Size (in/mm)
3.5 / 90
Dimensions (WxHxD) (in/cm)
7.5 x 6 x 14 / 19 x 15.2 x 36
Shipping wt. (lb/kg)
14.1 / 6.4
Download Manual
Instruction Manual for MB35
Instruction Manual for MB45
Download the Instruction Manual now download MB45 moisture balance manual  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.  This manual is truly worth downloading before you buy since page 67 offers a great example of items the MB45 can determine the percent moisture along with anticipated results, dry temperature and estimated measurement times.

moisture balance

Sartorius MA35 moisture analyzer replacement to the ever popular MA30.  We don't have the numbers but probably the MA30 is the most commonly used moisture balance in the world for units sold.  The new MA35 is the heating element is metal tubular and this provides more of an oven effect providing intense heat throughout the complete heating chamber thus allowing better drying to all sides of the sample (top, bottom and sides). 

Although the metal tubular design isn't the fastest design for drying to run the percent moisture test since metal tubular takes longer to heat up over halogen we feel it is the best method to determine moisture.  Many people call and ask "how fast can I determine the moisture" when really they should be asking "how consistent and accurate are the results with this moisture analyzer over the competitor's moisture analyzer and our answer is always buy the Sartorius MA35 moisture balance.

Halogen is the cheapest heating element to manufacturer and the halogen bulbs burn out.  On many models you have to send the moisture balance to the manufacturer for a costly replacement.  The metal tubular never really burn out or at least we have never had a customer call saying they needed to replace the Sartorius MA35 heating element.  Since halogen cost less these moisture analyzers are typically less than the Sartorius, but in the long run for downtime and repair cost to replace the heating element the Sartorius will cost you less to operate.

Warning - Moisture balances should not be used on any volatile organic sample with flash points.  Even a MSDS rating of 1.  Samples with low flask points like Acetaldehyde -38°C or MEK -4°C should not be used with the Ohaus Moisture Balance and maybe you should look at Karl Fisher as an alternative.

Although you might presently perform analysis with an oven on these sample the ovens typically have ventilation and a much larger cavity than the typical moisture balance that operates on the principles of TGA.  In addition, with most moisture balances there is no ventilation so all the fumes remain inside the hood of the moisture balance.  We strongly recommend you consult with a safety specialist always prior to using any moisture balances for your safety.

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