Pocket ScalesPocket Scales

Portable Toploading BalancesPortable Balances

Bodyfat ScalesBodyfat Scales

Analytical BalancesAnalytical Balances

Milligram BalancesMilligram Balances

Precision Toploading BalancesPrecision Toploading

Micro BalancesMicro Balances

Explosion Proof BalancesExplosion Proof

Baby ScalesBaby Scales

Bariatric ScaleBariatric Scales

Bathroom ScalesBathroom Scales

Bench ScalesBench Scales

Chair ScalsChair Scales

Dynamometer ScaleDynamometers

Educational BalancesEducational Balances

Weigh FiltersFilter Balances

Food/Deli ScalesFood/Deli Scales

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Medical ScalesHandrail Scales

Health Care BalancesHealth Care Balances

High CapacityHigh Capacity

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Industrial BalancesIndustrial Balances

Jewelry BalancesJewelry Balances

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Medical ScaleMedical Beam Scales

Moisture BalancesMoisture Balances

Parts Counting ScalesParts Counting Scales

Parts Counting ScalesPhysician Scales

Pro Bodyfat Analyzing scalesPro Bodyfat Scales

Semimicro BalanceSemi-Micro Balances

Shipping ScalesShipping Scales

Shipping ScalesVeterinary Scales

Shipping ScalesWashdown Scales

Accessories for BalancesAccessories for Balances


Hot BuysHot Buys

Digital ScaleScales Under $50

Electronic ScalesScales $50-$70

Accurate ScaleScales $70-$100

Acculab ScalesAcculab Scales

AdamLab BalanceAdamLab Balances

AND WeighingCas Balances

Chatillon ScalesChatillon Scales

Dillon ScaleDillon Force Gauges

Healthometer ScalesHealth-O-Meter Balances

Mettler ScalesMettler-Toledo

Myweigh ScalesMy Weigh Scales

Ohaus ScaleOhaus Balances

Digital ScalesOther Brand Scales

Salter ScaleSalter Brecknell Scales

Sartorius BalanceSartorius Balances

Scientech BalanceScientech Balances

Seca ScalesSECA Medical Scales

Siltec ScaleSiltec Scales

Tanita ScalesTanita Balances

Lab Supplies

Aluminum Moisture PansMoisture Balance Pans

Titration CupsTitration Cups

Tri-Stir BeakersTri-Stir Beakers

Aluminum Weighing DishesAL Weighing Dishes

Anti-Static Weighing CanoesAnti-Static Canoes

Disposable BeakersDisposable Beakers

Disposable Weigh BoatsDisposable Weigh Boats

Dyna-Trans Double MailersDouble Mailers

Fiber Filters & PadsFiber Filters & Pads

Glassine Paper, Fiber Filters & PadsGlassine Paper

Hexagonal Weighing DishesHex Weighing Dishes

Microscope Slide AccessoriesMicroscope Slides

Miscellaneous Lab EquipmentMiscellaneous

PTFE BeakersPTFE Beakers

PTFE BeakersAmpule Crackers
Scientech Balances  

MyWeigh Scales

Scientech ZSA210 Zeta balance ZSA-210
210g x 0.0001g
[more info here]
$1995   Myweigh Scales i101
100g x 0.005g
[more info here]
milligram zeta balance ZSP-350
500g x 1mg
[more info here]
$1395   My Weigh ibalance scale i500
500g x 0.1g
[more info here]
Quality, Quality, Quality - Sartorius since 1871 building the best
sartorius balances
  Spec MSRP     Spec MSRP
Sartorius balance
60g x 0.1mg
[more info here]
Quintix laboratory balance
Quintix 5102-1S
5100g x 0.01g
[more info here]
Sartorius digital scale
610g x 0.001g
[more info here]
Entris Laboratory Milligram Balance
620g x 1mg
[more info here]
Sartorius Entris Balance
120g x 0.1mg
[more info here]
$2120   sartorius milligram lab scale Quintix313-1S
310g x 0.001g
[more info here]
Sartorius practum balance
3100g x 0.01g
[more info here]
$1465   entris lab balance ENTRIS6202-1S
6200g x 0.01g
[more info here]
Sartorius Quintix microbalance
60g x 0.01mg
120g x 0.1mg
[more info here]
$5575   Sartorius semi microbalance Secura225D-1S
120g x 0.01mg
220g x 0.1mg
[more info here]
Entris Laboratory Balance
60g x 0.1mg
[more info here]
$2460   Sartorius moisture analyzer Sartorius MA160
160g x 0.001g
[more info here]
Milligram Balance Lab Equipment
320g x 1mg
[more info here]
$1840   Sartorius Secura Lab Balance Secura324-1S
320g x 0.1mg
[more info here]

A&D BalancesA&D Weighing

  Spec MSRP     Spec MSRP
ek-1200i scale
1200g x 0.1g
Legal for Trade
[more info here]
fx300iN Legal for Trade Scale
320g x 0.001g
[more info here]
digital scale
21000g x 0.1g
[more info here]
electronic balance
60lb x 0.005lb
[more info here]
lab balance gh120
120g x 0.0001g
[more info here]
digital precision balance
1100g x 0.001g
[more info here]
portable balance
6100g x 0.1g
[more info here]
lab balance
252g x 0.01mg
w/ Internal Cal
[more info here]
analytical balance
102g x 0.1mg
[more info here]
washdown digital scale
11 lb x 0.005lb
Legal For Trade
[more info here]
fx500i milligram balance
520g x 0.001g
[more info here]
accurate scale
2200 g x 0.01 g
[more info here]
Lab Balancess from Sartorius
sartorius quintix balanceStarting at $708.65
All new Secura, Quintix and Practum Balances have been completely re-designed and re-engineered for better performance and durability. New looks, new features and new models bring even more value.
Scientech Balances - Best Value!!
analytical balance Starting at $1695.00
Made in the USA and we have ZSA-80's (80g x 0.1mg) and see the full line of Scientech high precision weighing products here.  Scientech builds a spectacular product and they clearly offer the most balance for your budget.

High Quality Legal for Trade Retail Scales - Price Computing Scales
produce scalePrices start at $256.75
The attractive and low-profile NTEP Approved CAS S-2000 JR60 WITHOUT POST can meet virtually every weighing need on almost any counter. This retail scale offers 30 lb x 0.01 lb perfect for farmer's markets. CAS S-2000 JR60 is our most popular food/deli scale because of its affordable price and NTEP approval.

Health-O-Meter - Physician Scale
Medical mechanical patient scalesModel 402LB only $249.99
Don't be fooled into buying those other off-brands mechanical health scales since Health-O-Meter supplies 70% of all physicians' scales used in the USA and is number 1 for their quality, reliability and value.  We now have wheelchair and stretcher scales.

Awesome prices on OHAUS
ohaus explorerStarting at $2648.60
We carry the full line of Explorer Analytical, Milligram, Precision & Explorer High Capacity Balances for a limited time. Our competitors are screaming so act fast and cash in on one of the best deals.
Legal for Trade Compact Scales
legal for trade scalesStarting at $367.20
EK-1200i offers 1200 g weighing capacity and increments in 0.1 g intervals providing outstanding performance, professional features with the Quality You Demand. The EK-1200i Compact Scale comes standard with RS-232C interface at no additional cost & Legal for Trade.

Bench Scales - Siltec Series
shipping parcel scaleStarting at $149.95
Capacities from 100 to 2000 pounds.  The PS500L and PS5AP are a popular alternative for weighing people 400 to 500 pounds.  The WS-Series are a popular alternative to expensive drum and floor scales.  Orders placed by 2 p.m. EST are shipped the same day.
Pocket Scales purchased with Paypal
pocket mini scalesStarting at $29.95
Buy pocket scales at prices never seen before.  We have hundreds in stock for immediate delivery.  Our hottest selling pocket scale is the My-Weigh Palmscale Series.  Purchase your pocket scale with PayPal.  All scales are brand new and come with the full factory warranty.

Mechanical triple beam balances
triple beam balance2610g x 0.1g for $86.95
The MyWeigh 3 Beam balances is a great alternative to the Ohaus line.  The MyWeigh 3 beam come standard with the 3 attachment weights giving you the ability to weigh up to 2610 grams.
Semi Micro Balance - AND Weighing GH202 balance
semi-micro balanceOnly $4280.00
Save over $1000 off the MSRP when you purchase your next Semi Micro Balance from us.  The GH202 offers 51 g x 0.01mg with a dual range for 51 - 220g x 0.1mg.  Internal calibration, RS-232, 5 year warranty and more.

Portable Scales - Scout II Series
ohaus portable balancesStarting at $186.20
Nine models to choose from and your choice of option an bi-directional RS-232 or USB interface.  Weighing capacities from 200g to 6000 grams with accuracy ranging from 0.01 gram to 1 gram.
Adam Equipment
adam equipment semi-microStarting at $335.00
From Semi Micro Laboratory balances to 0.1mg balances, precision milligram balances, high capacity balances and portable toploading scales, nobody offers so many features for such a low cost.

Baby Scales - Baby Scales
infant  scalesStarting at $180.00
Offering Siltec, Seca, Health-O-Meter, MyWeigh baby scales for home user to neonatal medical center application.  Most models in stock for immediate delivery.
Economical Ohaus CS Series
ohaus economical scaleStarting at $119.25
An engineering marvel for such a low cost.  Three models to choose from: CS200 (200 grams x 0.1 grams), CS2000 (2000 grams x 1 grams), and the CS5000 (5000 grams x 1 gram).

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A&D Weighing

A&D Laboratory Balances

Analytical Balances Precision Balances
HR-A & HR-AZ Series Analytical Balances
Orion HR & HRi Series Analytical Balances
GR Series Analytical Balances
Phoenix GH Series Analytical Balances
GF Series Toploader Balances
GX Series Toploader Balances
GP Series Precision Industrial Balance
GF-K Series Precision Industrial Balances
GX-K Series Precision Industrial Balances
FX-i Series Milligram Balances
FZ-i Series Lab Balances
Semi-Micro Balances General Purpose Scales
Phoenix GH-202 or GH-252 Semi-Micro Balances
GR-202 Semi-Micro Lab Balances
Orion HR-202i Series Semi-Micro Balances

SK Series General Purpose Scales
SK-D Series General Purpose Scales
SK-WP Series Washdown Scales


A&D Industrial Scales

Bench Scales Washdown Scales
FG-K Series Bench Scales
GP Series Precision Industrial Balance
HV-G Series Bench Scales
HW-G Series Bench Scales
HV-WP Series Stainless Steel (Triple Range) Platform Scales
HW-WP Series Stainless Steel (Single Range) Platform Scales
HL-WP Series Washdown Compact Scales
SK-WP Series Washdown Scales
HV-WP Series Stainless Steel (Triple Range) Platform Scales
HW-WP Series Stainless Steel (Single Range) Platform Scales
GF-K Series Precision Industrial Balances
GX-K Series Precision Industrial Balances
FX-iWP Precision Balances
Floor Scales Counting Scales
FG-K Series Bench Scales
HV-WP Series Stainless Steel (Triple Range) Platform Scales
HW-WP Series Stainless Steel (Single Range) Platform Scales
HCi Series High Resolution Counting Scales
HD Series High Capacity Counting Scales
FCi Series High Resolution Counting Scales
Checkweighing Scales Portable Scales
FS Series Checkweighing Scales EK Series Portable Compact Scales
EW Series Triple Range Compact Scales

A&D Moisture Balances & Moisture Analyzers

Moisture Balances  
MS-70 Moisture Analyzer
MX-50 Moisture Balance
MF-50 Moisture Analyzer

A&D Medical Scales

A&D Legal For Trade Scales (NTEP Approved)

Bathroom Scales NTEP Approved Scales
UC Series - Precision Bathroom Scales SK Series General Purpose Scales
SK-D Series General Purpose Scales
SK-WP Series Washdown Scales
EK Series Portable Compact Scales
SF Series Price Computing Scales
SG Series Price Computing Scales
SBR Series Shipping/Bench Scales
FX-iN Precision Balances
FG-K Series Bench Scales

HD Series High Capacity Counting Scales
HV-G Series Bench Scales
HV-WP Series Stainless Steel (Triple Range) Platform Scales

Acculab balances

Acculab Laboratory Balances

Analytical Balances Precision Balances
ALC Series Analytical Balances
Atilon ATL Series Analytical Lab Balances
ALC Series Precision Lab balances
Vicon VIC Series Precision Balances
Atilon ATL Series Precision Balances
Milligram Balances  
ALC Series Milligram Balances
Vicon VIC Series Milligram Balances
Atilon ATL Series Milligram Balances

Acculab Portable Balances

Acculab Pocket Scales

Portable Compact Scales Professional Jewelry Scales
Econ EC Series Portable Compact Scales Pocket Pro Series Gem Scales

Acculab Industrial Balances

Bench Scales  
VA Series High Capacity Bench Scales
SVI Series Portable Bench Scales

Adam Lab Balances

Adam Lab Laboratory Balances

Analytical Balances Precision Balances
PW Series Analytical Balances PGW Series Precision Balances
HCB Series Portable Precision Toploaders
Moisture Balances High Capacity Precision Balances
PMB Moisture Balance PGL20001 High Capacity Precision Scale
Adam Lab Industrial Balances
Counting Scales Checkweighing Scales
CBC Series Parts Counting Scales
GFC Series High Capacity Parts Counting Bench Scales
CBK Series Bench Checkweighing Scales
Bench Scales Floor Scales
GFC Series Piece Counting Bench Scales
CPWplus-W Series Portable Bench Scales
GFK Series Electronic Bench Scales
CPWplus Compact Floor Scale
CPWplus35M Platform Scale w/ 19.7" x 19.7" Platform
CPWplus-L Digital Floor Scale w/ 35.4" x 23.6" Platform

CAS Industrial Scales

CAS Food/Retail scales

Label Printing Scales Price Computing Scales
LP1000N Label Printing Food/Deli Scales
LP-II Grocery Scales
S-2000 Legal For Trade Price Computing Scales
AP-1 Price Computing & Legal For Trade Scales
S2000JR Computing & NTEP Approved Scales
TP-1 Price Computing & NTEP Approved Scales
EB Price Computing Legal for Trade Scale
Portion Control Scales  
SW Series Portion Control Balances
D Series Portion Control Scales


CAS Industrial Scales

Bench Scales Counting Scales
DL-100 Bench/Platform Scales
BW Series Bench Scales
PB-150 Portable Bench Scale

EC Counting Scale
Crane Scales Pallet Truck Scales
NC-1 Legal For Trade Crane Scales
Caston II Crane Scales
Caston III Crane Scales
Caston IV Crane Scales
IE Electronic Crane Scales

CPS-2 Pallet Jack Scales

Chatillon Scales

Chatillon Mechanical Scales

Hanging Dial Scales Mechanical Fishing & Hunting Scales
Century Series Hanging Scales
806h Mechanical Hanging Scales
BD Series Hanging Dial Scales
WH Series Warehouse Hanging Scales
IN Series Mechanical Hanging Scales
Iron Clad Series Hunting Scales
Mechanical Dynamometers Mechanical Bench Scales
WT12 Series Dynamometers
TD5 Series Mechanical Dynamometers
PBB Series Bench Beam Scales
PBB Bench Beam Scale with Larger Platform

Chatillon Crane Scales


Digital Crane Scales  
DWT Series Digital Crane Scales  


Dillon Digital Force Gauges

Dillon Force Gauge Mechanical Test Stands

Digital Force Gauges Force Gauge Hand wheel Test Stands
GL Series Force Gauges CT Model Manual Test Stands

Health-O-Meter Medical Scales

Health-O-Meter Mechanical Medical Scales

Physician Beam Scales Mechanical Baby Scales
402EXP Medical Beam Scale
402LB Mechanical Beam Scale
402KL Mechanical Physician Scale
386S Mechanical Dial Baby Scale
1524KL Baby Beam Scale
1522KL Mechanical Baby Scale
Mechanical Wheelchair Scales Mechanical Chair/Seat Scales
421KLS Mechanical Wheelchair Scale
410KLS-07 Wheelchair Beam Scale
388S Mechanical Seat Scale
445KL Mechanical Chair Scale

Health-O-Meter Physician Scales

Digital Fitness Scales Mechanical Fitness Scales
500KL Digital Fitness Scale
599KL Digital Medical Scale
597KL Digital Eye Level Physician Scale
752KL High Capacity Medical Floor Scale
753KL Medical Legal For Trade Scale
402EXP Mechanical Beam Scale
402LB Mechanical Beam Scale
402KL Medical Physician Scale

Health-O-Meter Baby Scales

Digital Baby Scales Mechanical Infant Scales
549KL Digital Baby Scale
553KL Electronic Baby Scale
2210KL Medical Neonatal Scale
522KL Digital Pediatric Scale
524KL Electronic Infant Scale
8320KL Pediatric Digital Scale
386S Mechanical Dial Infant Scale
1524KL Infant Beam Scale
1522KL Mechanical Infant Scale

Health-O-Meter Wheelchair Scales

Digital Wheelchair Scales Wheelchair Beam Scales
2600KL Medical Wheelchair Scale
2500KL Electronic Wheelchair Scale
2400KL Portable Digital Wheelchair Scale
421KLS Mechanical Wheelchair Scale
410KLS Wheelchair Beam Scale

Health-O-Meter Handrail Scales

Digital Handrail Scales Mechanical Handrail Scales
1100KL Electronic Handrail Scale
2101KL Digital Handrail Scale
2500KL Wheelchair/Handrail Scale
2600KL Digital Wheelchair/Handrail Scale
410KLS Wheelchair Beam Scale

Health-O-Meter Medical Floor Scales

Electronic Floor Scales Mechanical Bathroom Scales
320KL Digital Floor Scale
349KL Medical Floor Scale
752KL High Capacity Digital Floor Scale
142KL Bathroom Dial Scale
160LB Dial Health Scale
134LB Mechanical Bath Scale
High Capacity Veterinary Scales Medical Scales with EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
2842KL Digital Vet Scale 500KL Digital Fitness Scale
599KL Digital Waist High Medical Scale
597KL Digital Eye Level Physician Scale
752KL High Capacity Digital Floor Scale
2101KL Digital Handrail Scale
2600KL Digital Wheelchair/Handrail Scale
2450KL Portable Digital Wheelchair Scale
595KL Digital Medical Chair Scale

Health-O-Meter Medical Stretcher Scales

Health-O-Meter Medical Chair Scales

Patient Lift Scale Mechanical & Digital Chair Scales
2000KL Electronic Stretcher Scale 595KL Digital Medical Chair Scale
445S Mechanical Chair Scale

Mettler Toledo Scales

Mettler Toledo Laboratory Balances

Moisture Analyzers Analytical Balances
HB43 Moisture Balance
HG63 Moisture Analyzer
HR83P Halogen Moisture Balance
Mettler JP semi microbalance
Mettler Toledo JS Analytical Balances
AL Series Analytical Balances
AX Series Analytical Balances
Precision Toploaders Milligram Balances
Mettler Toledo JL602-GE Class II NTEP Scale
Mettler Toledo JS Precision Scales
Mettler Toledo JP High Capacity Scales
PL Series Precision Balances
JB Series Jewelry Balances
SB Series High Capacity Precision Balances
PB Series Precision Balances

JB Series Jewelry Balances
PL Series Milligram Balances
PB Series Milligram Balances

Mettler Toledo Industrial Scales

Shipping Scales Bench Scales
PS90 Series Parcel Shipping Scales
PS60 Series Shipping Scales
Wildcat Series Bench Scales

Mettler Toledo Jewelry Scales

Mettler Toledo Gold Balances

Digital Portable Scales Digital Gem Balances
Mettler Toledo JL602-GE Class II NTEP Scale
Mettler JL6001-GE NTEP Trade Scale
JL602-G/LA00 Portable Gold Scale
JL6001-GLA00 Portable Silver Scale
Mettler JS Carat Scale
Mettler Toledo JS Gold Scales
Mettler Toledo JP Silver Scale Troy Ounces
PL Series Precision Balances
JB Series Jewelry Scales
SB Series High Capacity NTEP Approved Gem Balances
JL Series Gem Balances

My Weigh Scales

My Weigh Medical Scales

My Weigh Mechanical Balances

Baby Scales Triple Beam Balances
MBS2010 Baby Scale
MBSC55 Infant Scale
MBSC UltraScale U-2 Baby Scale
3 Beam Balance

My Weigh Jewelry Scales

Pocket Scales Jewelry Scales
Palmscale 8.0 advance pocket scale
Palmscale 7.0 mini scale
MyWeigh Dura Scale D2
Smart Scale with price computing
440Z pocket scale
Palmscale 5.0 Pocket Scale
Palmscale 6.0 Gem Scale
Flipscale F2 Jewelry Scale
Durascale Electronic Pocket Scales
Gempro 50 Professional Gem Scale

Gempro 250 Jewelry Balance
Gempro 500 Electronic Jewelry Scale
My Weigh Portable Scales
Compact Scales Kitchen Scales
i500 Digital Compact Scale
i1200 Portable Compact Scale
i2600 Electronic Portable Scale
i5500 Electronic Compact Scale
i11000 digital scale
3001P Electronic Kitchen Scale
Vox3000 Digital Talking Scale
7001DX Digital Kitchen/Office Scale
KD7000 Electronic Kitchen Scale
i5000 Kitchen Bowl Scale

My Weigh Precision Balances

My Weigh Counting Scales

Precision Scales Parts Counting Scales
i101 precision digital scale
i201 Precision Balance

i601 Electronic Precision Scale
iM01 Digital Precision Balance
i3100 Precision Lab Balance
Gempro 250 Milligram Balance
CTS3000 Electronic Counting Scale
CTS6000 Parts Counter

Ohaus Scales

Ohaus Laboratory Balances

Analytical Balances Precision Balances
Explorer Analyticals
Adventurer Analytical Balances
Pioneer Analytical Lab Scales
Voyager Pro Analytical Balances
Discovery Analytical Balances
Explorer Pro Laboratory Balances
Adventurer AX Precision Balances
Pioneer Plus Lab Scales
Adventurer Pro Milligram Balances
Ranger High Precision Balances
Explorer Precision Toploaders
Voyager Milligram Toploader Balances
Pioneer Precision Scales
Semi Micro Balances Moisture Balances
Discovery Semi-Micro Balance MB35 Moisture Balance
MB45 Moisture Analyzer
Ohaus MB25 moisture balance
Ohaus MB23 moisture analyzers

Ohaus Portable Balances

Ohaus Washdown Balances

Portable Precision Balances Washdown Balances
Scout SPX Portable Digital Scales
Scout II Series Portable Balances
Valor 3000 Xtreme Portable Balances
FD Series Portable Compact Scales
Pioneer Portable Balance
BW Single display compact scale
BW dual display digital scale
Valor 5000 Food Preparation Balance
Valor 3000 Xtreme Washdown Portable Balances
Champ Series Washdown Bench Scales
CKW Series Washdown Checkweighing Scales

Ohaus Industrial Balances

Bench Scales Floor Scales
Trooper Compact Bench Scales
ES Series Digital Bench Scales
Defender Series Bench Scales
Champ Series Electronic Bench Scales
Champ General Purpose Platform Scales
Champ Multi-functional Bench Scales
Champ Washdown Bench Scales
CKW Series Washdown Bench Scales
ES Series Floor Scales
Champ General Purpose Floor Scales
EP Series High Capacity Platform Scales
Champ Series Multi-functional Floor Scales
Counting Scales Industrial Compact Scales
EC Series Counting Scales
Ranger Series Counting Scales
Valor 3000 Xtreme Washdown Compact Scales
Trooper Series Light Industrial Compact Scales
Ranger Series Legal For Trade Compact Scales

Ohaus Mechanical Balances

Mechanical Beam Balances Lab Dial Balances
Triple Beam Balances
Field Testing Mechanical Balances
Dual Pan Beam Scales
Cent-O-Gram / Dial-O-Gram Economy Lab Balances

Salter Brecknell

Salter Brecknell Mechanical Toploaders

Salter Brecknell Crane Scales

Dial Toploaders Digital Crane Scales
250-6S 6 Inch Dial Toploaders
250-8 8 Inch Dial Mechanical Toploaders
CS Series Digital Crane Scales

Salter Brecknell Veterinary Scales

Salter Brecknell Bench Scales

Digital Vet Scales Digital Bench Scales
PS1000 Digital Vet Scale
VD1000 Vet Deck Scale
ES2500 Equestrian Scale
PS500 Series Vet Clinic Scales
C3255 Series Bench Checkweighing Scales
S122 Series Legal for Trade Bench Scales

Salter Brecknell Precision Balances

Salter Brecknell Washdown Scales

Digital Precision Toploaders Washdown Checkweighing Scales
ESA Series Precision Balances With Draft Guard
ESA Series Precision Toploaders Without Draft Shield
C3235 Series Washdown Checkweighers

Sartorius Balances

Sartorius Laboratory Balances

Analytical Balances Milligram Balances
Cubis Series Analytical Balances
Secura Analytical Balances
Quintix Laboratory Balances
Practum Lab Balances
Entris Analytical Balance with Internal Calibration
Entris Analytical Balance withOUT Internal Calibration
GD Series Legal For Trade Analytical Balances
Genius ME Series Analyticals
CPA Series Analytical Lab Balances
Extend ED Series Analyticals
GC Series Analytical Balances
Talent TE Series Analytical Balances
M-Power AZ Series Analytical Balances

Cubis Milligram Balances
Secura Milligram Balances
Quintix Laboratory Balances
Practum Lab Balances
Entris Milligram Balance with Internal Calibration
Entris Milligram Balance withOUT Internal Calibration
GD Series Legal For Trade Analytical Balances
Master Pro LA Series Mg Balances
CP Series Milligram Balances
CPA Series MG Balances
Extend ED Series Milligram Balances
Element ELT Series Milligram Balances
M-Power AZ Series Milligram Balances
M-Prove AY Series Milligram Balances
Precision Balances Moisture Balances
Cubis Precision Lab Balance
Secura Lab Balances
Quintix Laboratory Balances
Practum Lab Balances
Entris Balance with Internal Calibration
Entris Balance withOUT Internal Calibration
Element ELT Series Precision Balances
LE Series Precision Toploaders
LA Series Precision Balances
CP Series Precision Scales
CPA Series Toploading Balances
Extend ED Series Precision Balances
GW Series Precision Balances
GP Series Precision Scales
M-Power AZ Series Precision Balances
M-Prove AY Series Precision Balances
MA35 Moisture Balance
MA37 Loss on Drying Analyzer
MA160 Solids Analyzer
MA100 Moisture Analyzer
MA150 Moisture Balance
Micro Balances Filter Micro Balances
MSA2.7 Ultra Microbalance
MSU3.6 Micro Balance
MSE6.6 Microbalance
ME36S MicroBalance
CPA26P Micro Balance
SE2 Ultra Micro Balance
ME5 Micro Balance
CPA2P Micro Balance

MSA2.7S0TRDF filter weighing balance
MSU6.6S-000-DF filter balance
Filter pan for Secura225D-1S
ME36S MicroBalance
CPA26P Micro Balance
SE2-F Ultra Micro Filter Balance
ME5-F Micro Filter Balance
CPA2P-F Micro Filter Balance

Sartorius Jewelry Balances

Carat Balances Gold Balances
GK Series 0.001 Ct Gem Balances
GK Series 0.005 Ct Jewelry Scales
GC Series 0.001 Ct Gem Scales
GC Series 0.005 Ct Jewelry Balances
GW Series Jewelry Balances
GP Series Gem Balances
GE Series Jewelry Scales
Sartorius Industrial Scales
Bench Scales Explosion Proof Scales
EA/EB Series Bench Scales
Signum Series Industrial Scale
Midrics Series Bench Scales
FC-EX Explosion Proof Scales
High Capacity Balances Counting Scales
CPA Series High Capacity Balances
LA Series High Capacity Balances
CP Series High Capacity Balances
Cubis Series High Capacity Balances
CB3CCXN Piece Counting Scale
CB06CCXN Part Counting Scale
CB64EDXN High Capacity Counting Scale



Scientech Balances
Scientech Laboratory Balances
Analytical Balances Milligram Balances
SA Series Analytical Balances
ZSA Series Analytical Balances
SP Series Milligram Balances
ZSP Series Milligram Balances
Semi-Micro Balances Precision Balances
SM Series Semi Micro Balances SL Series Precision Balances
SG Series Precision Balances

Scientech High Capacity Balances

Scientech Legal For Trade

High-capacity Balances Legal For Trade Balances
SHC Series High Capacity Balances ZSP150NJ Legal For Trade Jewelry Balances
ZSP400NJ NTEP Approved Milligram Balances
ZSP400NP Legal For Trade Pharmaceutical Balances

Seca Medical

Seca Physician Scales

Mechanical Physician Scales Electronic Medical Scales
Seca 700 Doctor's Beam Scale
Seca 703 Digital Doctor Scale
Seca 763 Digital Medical Scale
Seca 767 Electronic Fitness Scale
Seca 780 Electronic Doctor Scale

Seca Baby Scales

Electronic Baby Scales Mechanical Baby Scales
Seca 334 Digital Baby Scale
Seca 354 Electronic Infant Scale
Seca 374 Digital Baby Scale
Seca 727 Digital Infant Scale
Seca 728 Digital Neonatal Baby Scale
Seca 725 Baby Beam Scale

Seca Wheelchair Scales

Seca Handrail Scales

Digital Wheelchair Scales Digital Handrail Scales
Seca 664 Digital Wheelchair Scale
Seca 674 Digital Wheelchair Scale
Seca 684 Electronic Wheelchair Scale
Seca 644 Electronic Handrail Scale
Seca 684 Digital Handrail/Wheelchair Scale

Seca Medical Floor Scales

High Capacity Floor Scales Digital Bathroom Scales
Seca 882 BMI Floor Scale
Seca 770 High Capacity Floor Scale
Seca 634 Bariatric Floor Scale
Seca 880 Electronic Bathroom Scale
Seca Medical 719 Digital Bathroom Scale
Seca Medical Cursa 818 Bodyfat & Water Analyzer

Seca Veterinary Scales

Seca Specialty Medical Scales

Digital Vet Scales Chair Scales & Bed Scales
Seca 606 Digital Veterinary Scale Seca 954 Digital Chair Scale
Seca 984 Digital Bed Scale

Siltec Scales
Siltec Health Scales
Baby Scales Physician Scales
BS1 Baby Scale PS5AP Platform Scale
Bathroom Scales  
440LB Bathroom Scales  

Siltec Platform Scales

Floor Scales  
PS Series Floor Scales
WS Series Shipping Scales

VMC Scales

VMC Portable Precision Balances

VMC Counting Scales

Portable Scales Counting Scales
VB Series Portable Precision Scales
VW Series Digital Counting Scales

VMC Industrial Scales

Bench Scales  
VW-320A-60 Portable Bench Scale
VW-320A-150 Portable Bench Scale

Weigh South Medical

Weigh South Physician Scales

Weigh South Baby Scales

Digital Fitness Scales Digital Baby Scales
WM3200 Electronic Upright Scale with Column WM2300 Electronic Baby Scale

Weigh South Floor Scales

Weigh South Wheelchair Scales

Digital Floor Scales Portable Electronic Wheelchair Scales
WSI601 Digital Floor Scale
WM300 Electronic BMI Floor Scale
WM3201 Electronic Bathroom Scale
WM300R Portable Wheelchair Scale

Weigh South Handrail Scales

Weigh South Veterinary Scales

Digital Handrail Scales Digital Vet Scales
WM25 Electronic Handrail Scale VS-250E Electronic Vet Scale

Calibration Weights

Metric Calibration Weights

Gram Calibration Weights Milligram Calibration Weights
20 Gram Class 1 Calibration Weight
50 Gram Class Calibration Mass
100 Gram ASTM Class 6 Test Weight
100 Gram Ultra Class Calibration Weight
200 Gram ASTM Class 6 Check Weight
200 Gram Ultra Class Certified Weight
500 Gram ASTM Class 1 Laboratory Weight
500 Gram ASTM Class 6 Calibration Weight Mass

1 mg Leaf Weight
2 Milligram Leaf Weight
Traceable 5 mg Calibration Weight
Traceable 10 mg Calibration Weight
Traceable 20 MG Calibration Weight
Certified 50 mg Cal Weight
100 Milligram Calibration Mass
200 mg Standard Mass
500 mg Calibration Weight
Kilogram Calibration Weights Metric Calibration Weight Sets
1 KG ASTM Class 6 School Weight
1 Kilogram Class 1 Calibration Weight
2 KG Class 1 Calibration Weight
2 Kilogram Steel ASTM Class 6 Calibration Mass
5 Kilogram ASTM Class 6 Calibration Weight
5 KG Class1 Calibration Weight
21 Piece 100g-1mg Class Weight Set
32 Piece 30kg-1mg Calibration weight set
15 Piece 2kg-1g Class 1 Weight Set
21 Piece 100g-1mg Class 1 Weights
9 Piece 100g-1g Class 2 Weights
21 piece 100g-1mg NVLAP Cass 1 Weight Set
21 piece 100g-1mg Class 2 Mass Set
100g-1mg Class 2 21 Piece Mass Set
25 piece 1kg-1mg Weight Set NVLAP Class 1
Cast Iron Grip Weights for Calibrating High Capacity Balances
Avoirdupois High Capacity Calibration Weights Metric High Capacity Calibration Weights
1 LB Cast Iron Calibration Weight
2 LB Grip Handle Calibration Weight
5 LB Cast Iron Calibration Weight
10 LB Grip Handle Calibration Weight
20 LB Grip Test Weight Weight
25 LB Calibration Weight
50 LB Calibration Weight
100 LB Grip Calibration Weight

2 KG Cast Iron Grip Calibration Weight

5 KG Cast Iron Grip Calibration Weight
10 KG Grip Handle Calibration Weight
20 KG Grip Handle Test Weight
25 KG Cast Iron Calibration Weight
50 KG Cast Iron Class F Calibration Weight

Stainless Steel Class F Avoirdupois Balance Calibration Weights

Avoirdupois Calibration Weights 50lb - 1lb Avoirdupois Calibration Weights 12oz - 1/16oz
50 LB Stainless Steel Grip Calibration Weight
30 LB Stainless Steel Grip Calibration Weight
25 LB Stainless Steel Grip Calibration Weight
20 LB Stainless Steel Grip Calibration Weight
10 LB Stainless Steel Grip Calibration Weight
10 LB Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
5 LB Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
2 LB Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
1 LB Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
12 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
8 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
4 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
2 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
1 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
1/2 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
1/4 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
1/8 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
1/16 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight
1/32 oz Stainless Steel Calibration Weight

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